Porsche Taycan Awarded Performance Car of the Year

Porsche Taycan Awarded Performance Car of the Year

If you are fond of luxury cars and want to get one of the best in the category, then you must explore the features of the Porsche Taycan. This electric sports car has bagged one of the top industry honours—the World Luxury Car of the Year 2020 Award. Its supreme features and specifications make it stand apart from other contenders in this category. If you plan to add this masterpiece to your collection, then make sure to protect it with PorscheTaycanInsurance.

Porsche Taycan has taken the electric car market by storm. Here are its top features that make it one of the most sought-after electric sports cars:

  • It is the first car to have an 800 volts system voltage, which is double that of other electric cars
  • It can run 100 km in 5 minutes, on a DC charge
  • The performance battery has a capacity of 93.4 kwh
  • You can charge it with an 11 Kw AC socket at home
  • It can reach a maximum speed of 260 kmph
  • It has one electric engine with automatic transmission
  • It is a 5-seater
  • The maximum torque is 500 NM
  • It has power steering which is multi-function, power windows in the front, an anti-lock braking system
  • It has passenger and driver airbags
  • The motor type is Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

The awards received by Porsche Taycan

Among the different Porsche Taycan models, the Turbo S can acquire speeds from 0 to 100 km/hr within 2.8 seconds. It also generates a maximum 761 hp with a range of 412 km. Porsche Taycan is the fastest car model among all the electric sedans and it received the World Performance Car of the Year 2020 award.It received theaward based on 867 points. It also won the World Luxury Car of the Year award for 2020.

What advantages does the Porsche Taycan have over the Tesla Model S?

According to users, the Taycanis a better option in terms of comfortable driving compared to Tesla. The continuous technical up-gradation of Porsche is responsible for this improvement. When it comes to turnings on the road, you will feel that the Taycan is more stable, agile, and easier to handle than Tesla.

In terms of design, Taycan looks more stylish than Tesla and has bigger rotors and caliper brakes. Even the interior of the car is better than Tesla as Taycan has leather seats in a wider range of colours, is more spacious, has better digital displays, and has a world-class cabin design.

The Taycan has eight-wheel options while Tesla has only two. The Taycanalso gets charged faster from zero to 80% at a rapid-charging centre. Apart from that, the cruising range of Taycan is 201miles while Tesla’s is lesser.

Check out the features of the Porsche Taycan if you are looking for an electric sports car. It is better than the others in its category because it has updated components. Remember to buy Porsche insurance to protect yourself from financial damages if your Porsche Taycan is involved in a mishap.

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