Reasons to Continue Riding Dirt Bikes

Reasons to Continue Riding Dirt Bikes

As someone who has been riding dirt motorcycles in some form or another for over forty years, I believe I know as well as anyone why you should keep riding dirt bikes even after you turn 50.

I initially rode a dirt bike when I was around 14 years old, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve continued to ride with the exception of a few years while my two children were quite little. That’s more than 40 years of enjoyment.

Other thrilling activities such as skydiving, scuba diving, mountain biking, or skiing are available, but the prospect of leaping out of an aircraft with nothing but a sheet on my back or ending up as shark bait is not one I want to pursue.

1. A Feeling Of Independence

Riding a motorcycle off the road is a very different experience than riding on the road. While sales campaigns from firms like Harley-Davidson promote the freedom of the wide road, you must still cope with the constraints of road laws, speed restrictions, and other vehicles.

Your skill level is the sole limit to what you can do off-road on a dirt bike. Open the throttle on a wide section of terrain if you want to.

If you want to do a wheelie, a stoppie, a jump, a slide, or attempt to climb that high hill, go for it. Perhaps it’s because I grew up riding dirt motorcycles, but I don’t have the same sense of freedom on the road, what with all the regulations to follow.

2. Stress Reduction

When you’re putting all of your efforts into navigating a difficult path, it’s difficult to think about the stressors in your life. The only thing on your mind is completing the next stretch without falling off your bike.

If you’re worried up about anything at work or at home, go for a ride and let off some steam. You’ll return a more calm person.

Get on that dirt bike instead of using drugs or drink to release tension.

3. Mental Awakening

You can’t think about anything else when riding your dirt bike. You must be present in the moment.

You must be mentally alert and mentally focused on exactly what is in front of you since it requires so much of your attention.

This is advantageous in many aspects of your life. Keep an eye out for those trees!

4. Quality time with the family

Riding dirt bikes is a fun activity for the whole family. Going dirt biking with your kids while they’re young is a great way to create a bond that will lead to many more dirt bike experiences in the future.

Dirt bike riding may have a very good impact on children. Riding can teach them the following things:

It provides thrilling nonviolent pleasure for them.

It educates kids to work hard for their goals.

They learn to take safety seriously, and the importance of routine maintenance is instilled in them.

It teaches them mechanical skills by having them mend their bike.

It teaches kids skills that will help them drive later in life.

5. Make a Lifetime of Riding Buddies

Having a shared passion with your pals is a fantastic way to develop bonds. Some of my best friends now are people I met while riding and racing dirt motorcycles in my teens and twenties.

It creates a lifelong relationship between them. Many sports are similar in that they allow you to form long-lasting connections.

Although it is not a team sport, the same values apply. In the midst of nowhere, you rely on each other to go back to civilization in the case of injury or mechanical problems.

6. Get Out And About On A Dirt Bike in The Great Outdoors

A dirt bike can take you to areas that most people would never visit unless they backpacked or rode a horse for a few days, something most people do not have the opportunity to do.

On a dirt bike, you can cover a lot of ground quickly and see some incredible views. Even 4WD cars can’t go to some of the areas that a dirt bike can. It makes you appreciate your natural surroundings even more.

7. Increased Problem-Solving Capabilities

Dirt bike riding aids with problem-solving and troubleshooting. When you’re out riding in the middle of nowhere and your bike breaks, you have no choice but to figure out how to mend it. There isn’t a way out.

A dirt bike may take you to some very isolated locations, and you’ll need to be able to think quickly and come up with a solution. This ability is transferable to all aspects of life.

8: Riding Keeps You Young

Dirt motorcycles keep you both physically and mentally youthful. It makes you want to have fun, which translates to other aspects of your life, such as becoming more involved with your children.

This photo transports me to the time when I first began riding. When I go on a ride, I still feel like a teenager. The thrill is still present.

The fastest-growing kind of motorcycling is adventure motorcycle touring. Adventure riding keeps people who were formerly motocross or enduro racers, or even guys from street bike backgrounds, youthful in their senior years.

Slower speeds, yet the same sense of camaraderie and fun.

9. Strengthening Dirt Bike Fitness

To ride a bike that weights more than 100kg (220lbs) across tough terrain, you’ll need a lot of strength. It is necessary to have both upper and lower body strength.

When absorbing the rough terrain with your knees and grasping the bike with your knees, your quadriceps and hamstrings are worked.

Shocks are absorbed via your handlebars by using your arm, wrist, shoulder, and back muscles. Picking up the bike needs considerably more muscle, especially if it is a loaded adventure cycle.

Any weight training you perform in the gym, like as bench press, squats, seated rows, and lat pulldowns, can help your off-road riding.

Riding a dirt bike is a terrific exercise in and of itself, especially if you prefer to go fast.

While dirt biking and mountain biking are comparable (I do both), mountain biking gets your heart pumping.

Due to the weight of the dirt bike, it is more of an upper-body workout, but it still provides a strong cardiovascular workout.

10. Improved Coordination and Balance

Bike riding in any form is beneficial to your balance. Off-road riding is considerably more enjoyable than road riding.

Wheelies, stoppies, jumps, stream crossings, and slick muddy paths all help you improve your balance.

All of the finest hard enduro riders come from a trials background, and trials riders are masters of balance.

Graham Jarvis, the hard enduro icon, can do things on a bike that must be seen to be believed. Check out his bio and a wonderful video by clicking the link.

11. Better Road Riding Technique

Off-road abilities are extremely useful when riding on the road. Your mental acuity and ability to focus on what’s in front of you are crucial to your road safety.

The main difference is that on the road, huge cars going in the other way at high speeds do not see you riding a bike. As a result, there’s always the danger of other cars doing something unexpected, and no matter how experienced a rider you are, the unexpected happens.

When it comes to circumstances that need you to maintain control of your bike, such as wet, slick roads, navigating curves, and emergency braking, your off-road abilities come in handy.

You know what to do if the back wheel slides out in the rain. You don’t get worked up over stuff like that. You are unconcerned about loose metal forestry roads.

What It Comes Down To If you still like the excitement of riding, even if you’re over fifty, and you’re physically capable, there’s no better way to remain in shape and stay sharp and focused than by riding.

Motorcycle adventure travelling and camping have grown in popularity, opening you a whole new world to explore on a bike.

We’re seeing a lot of people in their 50s, 60s, and even 70s still enjoying their riding as the number of lightweight adventure bikes on the market grows.

What better way to keep your youth than riding dirt motorcycles, which have so many physical and mental health advantages.

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