Reviving Your Bike: Considerations After A Long Pause

Reviving Your Bike: Considerations After A Long Pause

Bike enthusiasts may need to part with their motorcycles temporarily due to extended trips, adverse weather, or a preference for alternative transportation. Even for those less attached to their bikes, leaving them unstarted for an extended period can be detrimental. Regardless of the reason for not riding, starting the bike occasionally is advisable. For those who have yet to start their bikes due to busyness, here are some useful tips for starting your bike.

Five Crucial Ideas For A Seamless Bike Reboot:

Sure, if your bike has been idle for a long time, it may take some time to reach full speed, just like a laptop or cell phone may take some time to respond after restarting. If it has been a while since you started your bike, there are a few things you should check.

1. Power Source:

A dead battery is likely the culprit if your bike doesn’t start or perform poorly. Check and recharge it; if it doesn’t revive, consider buying a new one from a reputable supplier, typically backed by a one-year warranty.

2. Rusting

The bike may rust depending on how long it was left in storage and the atmospheric conditions. Rusting is a significant issue with motorcycles, particularly the engine, fuel tank, and other parts. Rusting is not limited to the outside; it can also occur internally. As soon as possible, have a reliable mechanic check it out.

3. Fluids:

Your bike’s engine oil must be changed frequently for a smooth ride. In addition, the air filter needs to be cleaned, and the chain needs to be lubricated. A bike that has spent much time in the garage may experience problems with the fluids above. To revitalise your bike, replenish the fluids.

4. Basics:

Frequently, there may be no big problem, but there may be trouble with the necessities. For instance, it’s possible that rodents chewed off some of the bike’s wires. The brakes might be having issues. Faulty indicators are another possibility.

5. Documentation

Every biker needs a valid driver’s licence, a pollution under control certificate (PUC), and online bike insurance. PUC and bike insurance have comparatively shorter validity periods than driving licences, which have a longer duration. Therefore, if any of these required documents are about to expire, renew them immediately to avoid penalties. For instance, the Motor Vehicles Act makes it illegal to ride a two-wheeler without valid third-party insurance for bike policy.

Online Two-Wheeler Insurance:

Online and offline methods are available for purchasing or re-purchasing two-wheeler insurance. Purchasing or renewing online bike insurance is advantageous because you can do it from your smartphone. Renewing your bike insurance online is a simple and quick process. Filling out lengthy forms or being concerned about being persuaded by an agent when doing the process for bike insurance renewal is unnecessary. You have the authority to decide what kind of bike insurance you need. Make sure you compare bike insurance before buying a policy. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under the motor insurance policy.

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