What makes the BMW R 1250 GS Adventure one of the Best Adventure Bikes in India?

What makes the BMW R 1250 GS Adventure one of the Best Adventure Bikes in India?

Adventure bikes have a stunning appearance, and excellent performance, and some offer enough mileage for long tours or trips across India. To help with bad weather, most bikes have a high riding suspension, a large fuel tank, and a small windscreen. Adventure bikes are one-of-a-kind and make a statement on the street.

But the world is waiting for you to discover it and with the R 1250 GS, there’s always something new to discover. The touring enduro’s reigning queen BMW R 1250 GS is completely designed for impassable roads, harsh weather, and the most remote locations.

But what makes this bike so revered?

The GS has always been an out-of-the-box motorcycle, even designing its box. That starts with the way it appears. It is not a classically beautiful motorcycle but instantly recognizable and extremely eye-catching.

It has enhanced the high standard of touring suitability and comfort. The R 1250 GS Adventure has everything you need to explore new places, including driver assistance systems, lighting technology, and advanced riding modes, as well as a USB port.

Know more about its exceptional features –

  • The latest generation of dynamic ESA

Dynamic ESA offers more stable and safer ride features. The system automatically adjusts the damping and spring preload of the struts based on the riding conditions and load of your bike, providing the highest level of comfort and momentum on all surfaces, even when tilted.

  • Boxer engine with Shift cam control

The boxer engine of the R 1250 GS Adventure’s variable camshaft control system BMW ShiftCam transforms long distances into pure pleasure. The bike provides smoother running at low speeds and high torque at all speeds. Resulting in more balance, giving you even more confidence and dynamics when riding your R 1250 GS Adventure.

  • 30-liter fuel tank for longer range

You will not have to shorten your journey. With a 30-liter fuel tank and a maximum range of over 600 kilometers, you can stay on the road for a little longer.

  • LED lighting technology

The 1250 GS Adventure illuminates your route reliably because of the adaptive and LED swiveling headlight. Make yourself more noticeable even at nighttime. The daytime LED riding light with a striking design increases road safety. Another striking feature is the cruising light, which produces a wide light front when combined with the headlamp.

  • Comfort Features

Even a tall rider or someone who is standing up when off-road can ride comfortably and confidently, thanks to the handlebars that can be lifted to 30mm. Furthermore, the extensive selection of seats and the wide range of seat heights from 790 to 910 mm is guaranteed. The seat heating can be adjusted separately for the rider and passenger adding comfort and unlimited riding pleasure. When you set out for new routes, you can rely on it to keep you safe and comfortable for every kilometer.

  • Multiple riding modes plus the Eco Mode

Each landscape is worth exploring with the addition of new dynamic engine brake control, the number of Pro riding modes has been increased to seven, ensuring optimal control on every surface. For leisurely longer trips, the standard ECO Mode maximizes the range of each fuel tank.

  • Additional Features that make the BMW R 1250 GS a special adventure bike include-

A TFT display with connectivity, a USB charging port, and a windscreen that can be adjusted. The BMW Motorrad Connected App on the TFT display provides a clear view of your navigation and all your data. The large windscreen, which can be adjusted using the knob, protects you from changing weather conditions. Your smartphone will never run out of power, thanks to the USB charging port.

BMW R 1250 GS price in India now starts at Rs 22,55,000/- which may seem like BMW asks you for a lot of money, but it gives you a lot in return. Lastly, the R 1250 GS is extremely capable and all the above-mentioned features are enough for you to be convinced that it is the best adventure touring bike in India.

With its extensive optional equipment, such as the Touring Package with navigation system preparation or case holders, you can customize your motorcycle to your exact specifications. From plenty of storage space for long-distance travel and enduro friendly equipment for off-road riders to a peculiar refined finish. Make the BMW R-1250 GS Adventure your go-to adventure bike.

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