Why an engine oil change is so important

Why an engine oil change is so important

One of the essential aspects of car maintenance is an oil change. The engine oil keeps the mechanical parts of your car lubricated to prevent wear and tear as they move. But over time, the oil gets dirty due to exposure to dust, dirt, and other debris accumulating within it. Dirty oil is hazardous as it can lead to car damage down the road, which is why replacing your engine oil from time to time is essential.

Here are the critical reasons to change engine oil.

Avoid corrosion

Your car engine is susceptible to corrosion due to natural elements like moisture, dust, dirt, corrosive air particles, and heat. But the engine oil provides a protective barrier against the elements ensuring the engine parts are free from corrosion. But when these elements contaminate the oil, it breaks down, reducing its strength which is why a routine oil change is necessary.

Cool engine parts

The combustion process within your engine and friction generates a lot of heat which can damage the components if there is no way to cool them. Fortunately, engine oil prevents the excessive heating of the engine parts by transmitting heat away from the susceptible parts and minimizing friction. Changing the engine oil ensures that it is clean to work efficiently in mitigating engine overheating.

Boost your mileage

How long does an oil change take? An engine oil change is a simple and fast task that takes less than an hour and can significantly enhance your car’s mileage and boost its lifespan. When the oil in your engine is dirty, the machine has to work harder and produce more power, which burns up more fuel. But a simple oil change reduces that extra strain on the engine, translating to more fuel efficiency and a longer lifespan for your car. In the end, you spend less on fuel-saving more money.

Eliminate costly repairs in the future

Regular oil change eliminates costly repairs down the road because the engine is well protected against the elements hence less wear and tear.A neglected oil change causes many engine problems, and an oil change is such a fast task and a safe alternative to costly repairs in the future.

Keep the engine clean.

Besides prolonging the lifespan of your car, periodic engine oil change keeps the engine clean, preventing engine damage. Clean oil lubricates the engine parts preventing rubbing and friction between the elements, contributing to debris within the machine. Besides, the oil filter collects the dirt keeping the engine clean of debris. Periodic oil and filter changes are recommended to keep the engine performing perfectly.

Boost the resale value

Changing your engine oil regularly keeps the engine performing well, clean, and free from corrosion. That translates to better fuel efficiency and less wear on the engine parts, which means a higher resale value should you sell your car. It shows that you have taken good care of your vehicle over the years.

The endnote

The engine is critical for your car, and regular oil change keeps it working perfectly.

Regular oil changes is just one key component of keeping your car’s lifespan and value up. For more ways you can retain your car’s value, please see the tips below.
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