Best Window Tint and Auto Design Shop in Boca Raton

Best Window Tint and Auto Design Shop in Boca Raton

Mimessi Auto Design has become among the more renowned and prestigious Commercial Vehicle Wrap, Window Tint, and Car Wrap shops around the Boca Raton area.

The shop aims to please, and all their clients love them. Regardless of the project size, you need to be completed, Mimessi is here to give you a hand.

Why Choose Mimessi?

There is no limit to every upgrade, option, and modification Mimessi can deliver for your car. Their team possesses great skills and has been helping clients across Palm Beach County and the Boca Raton area to make their car dreams come true.

If you want high-quality work accompanied with the best materials, Mimessi is your go-to shop. Their workers are not only trained and certified in every service they provide but also have enough years of experience.

What Materials Do They Use?

They only use high-quality materials available in the marketplace. When it comes to Window Tint Film, the shop uses 3M Crystalline, 3M Color Stable, and 3M FX Premium. For wrapping projects, they use:

  • Arlon Series 2600LX
  • Avery SW900
  • ORACAL 970
  • 3M Scotchprint 1080 Series

What Services Mimessi Offers

As far as this sector is concerned, experience is all that matters. Mimessi Auto Design sets itself apart from other shops and takes pride in working closely with clients to achieve their dream.

Plus, they may attain that certain feel and look you want for your car. At its core, their fair and affordable pricing for high-quality services keeps clients happy and makes them come back for more. Some of the services that Mimessi Auto Design provides include:

1. Tinting

Mimessi provides several services for commercial window tinting requirements, including privacy control tint. Currently, privacy control tint service is gaining more popularity among clients.

This kind of tint allows light from the sun inside the car but limits visibility from individuals outside your ride. Apart from privacy control tint, other options you can get include frosted window film and blackout tint.

Benefits of Tinting

  • Adds a level of security
  • Improves privacy
  • Windows don’t shatter when they break
  • Blocks extremely powerful UV rays

2.Custom Wraps

For the past few years, custom wraps have been gaining popularity. Now, many people are looking to customize their cars by either creating custom designs, changing the color, or adding colors for the wrap.

The options are endless when it comes to car wraps, and you can only limit them by your imagination. Whatever kind of car wrap you need, Mimessi’s team can handle it.


  • Targets every ethnicity and age
  • Protects the OEM paint
  • Reaches every profession and background

3. Paint Protection

The paint protection film is a very long-lasting, colorless urethane film, enabling you to protect your car against minor collisions, nicks, road salts, road hazards, and door dings.

Mimessi can apply this film to your commercial truck, RV, automobiles, and other painted cars. Its application will not change your car’s appearance or affect its aerodynamics. Instead, it helps to:

  • Protect the car
  • Keep the original paint look new
  • Make maintenance simple

To Wrap Up!

Getting a reliable window tinting professional around Boca Raton is not simple. High-quality materials, professional work, and affordable prices are a must.

This explains why Mimessi Auto Design leads the way when it comes to window tinting and other services it provides in Boca Raton, and of course, across Palm Beach County.