How Advanced is Mazda’s Safety Package the I-Activsense

How Advanced is Mazda’s Safety Package the I-Activsense

Mazda has always focused on designing new vehicles and engineer in them novel functionalities, to enhance the ride quality in them. Simultaneously, Mazda never forgot to prioritizesafe driving above all. Apart from creating an environment conducive for the driver to maneuver a Mazda car, the automaker also stayed alert and responsible in safeguarding the people who are inside and out of a Mazda vehicle. To be specific, Mazda was more than just being concerned about drive safety, and that drove the brand launch their own safety kit, the Mazda i-Activsense  . If you drive any of the Mazda products that has been released of late, you will get to experience a heightened level of confidence because of this i-Activsense package that coordinates all the safety features with each other to make sure, there is no chance left for a wrong drive decision, a wrong timing and entering a trap of collision.

But that’s talking too less about a noteworthy safety drive initiated by Mazda, so to know it all in a bit more detail, we came in touch with the Mazda dealership near Phoenix, who showed us how the Mazda I-Activsense works, and how effective is it in preventing the chances of a collision.

The best way to define the Mazda i-Actiivsenseis to say it is a suite of several advanced safety technologies put together that interdependently to cross the probabilities of a collision that can arise out of some common drive mistakes. The Mazda I-Activsenseuses a bunch of radars and cameras to enhance the visibility and alertness of the driver, and performs its tasks first by ringing an alarm for every wrong and probable dangers ahead. If the driver fails to act upon these alerts, Mazda I-Activsense package starts acting on its own, by slowing down the vehicle, or bringing the vehicle to a complete stop, when required.

How it Works

The Mazda I-Activsense works by collecting data from its radars and sensors, as well as the cameras. The data collected from these sources tells the system, if any static or moving object is nearing the vehicle, and from which direction. The system then acts on the data by activating the related technologies that at the first level alert the driver regarding the upcoming hazard, through the visual support and then Audi support. If the driver does not act upon the alerts, the system starts applying brakes of its own, to lower the impact of the collision, if it becomes unavoidable.

The Mazda I-Activsense also helps the driver in steering the Mazda car through the safest zones. It creates an alert whenever it sees an object or a life form at the blind zones through the blind-spot monitor, and let the driver know about the situation.

The Radar cruise control that comes with a stop & go feature automatically controls the speed of the Mazda vehicle to maintain a specific distance from the car driving ahead and dash into its rear end.  One of the latest addition in the I-Activsensetechnologies from Mazda is the driver attention alert, where a camera observes and sends the steering and drive lane position to a selected contact to let them know, the one who is driving is at the verge of distraction.

With newer innovations on its way, the Mazda I-Activsense has elevated the level of safety in every Mazda model for sure, assured the Phoenix area Mazda dealership owner.