What makes 2022 Audi Q8 One of the Best SUVs Among All?

What makes 2022 Audi Q8 One of the Best SUVs Among All?

The 2022 Audi Q8 is luxurious and sporty giving it a style,which is more appealing to people. This is one of the best SUVs in mid-size category due to its design as well as its powertrain and performance. When in Visalia Audi dealership, you can get the paperwork done or simply take a test drive first.

What makes this vehicle one of the best SUVs? 

The two primary aspects of this vehicle are its powertrain and interior, which ensures people enjoy this vehicle. Hence, these two factors are given below in detail for you to go through.

Powertrain involved

The engine equipped in this vehicle is a 3L turbocharged V6. It is mated with an automatic 8-speed transmission and that helps this car deliver 335-hp and torque of 69 lb-ft. Also, it comes in Audi’s AWD Quattro drivetrain.

In addition, there is hybrid assistance of 48-volt that helps with this vehicle’s start and stop system. Its quiet and swift system makes it more desirable to people. Whether in town or on highways, this car is suitable for driving in both areas. The transmission works flawlessly, especially if an individual drives this car in Dynamic mode, which aids in getting better responses from inputs.

One of the most fascinating aspects of this vehicle is that this automobile is capable of towing 7700 pounds if a person equips it with necessary packages. Linear feedback and light steering are ideal for people to relax during long trips. Also, standard wheels are 21-inch, while optional 22-inch is also available. Ride height adjustable system. All-wheel-drive and its agility even on various tight spaces make riding it a smooth experience.

It comes with a firm brake that allows you to confidently drive in a city or on highways. Testing showed that this car will come to a halt within 170 feet if brakes are applied at 70 mph. In a city, it provides 17 mpg while on highways 21 mpg. However, it can offer much more on highways but that depends on who’s driving and their driving style.

Luxury interior

Like every other Audi, the 2022 q8 is always draped in a luxury interior. Premium materials along with superbly aligned panels give it a sophisticated finish. Apart from the entry-level trim, most versions offer features like heated seats, contrast stitching, panoramic sunroof, leather dashboard, climate control (four-zone), etc.

Choosing the top-end variant will allow people to enjoy massage chairs, quitter glasses with dual-pane, better leather surfaces, and more. Other details include customizable interior lighting, head-up display, etc. To check out the interior in more detail, contact Visalia Audi dealer.

The price of this vehicle starts from $71,395 for the base model. The other two trims include Premium Plus and Prestige, which are priced at $75,295 and $81,495 respectively. With such a powertrain and interior and exterior design, there is no doubt why this isconsidered to be one of the best mid-size SUVs from the company.

So, hurry and get to a dealership to check out this amazing vehicle!