How Mazda SkyActiv-X Technology is Uplifting Every Day Drive Experience

How Mazda SkyActiv-X Technology is Uplifting Every Day Drive Experience

We all have a rough idea how the industry of automobile has evolved through the years. Especially, the evolution has been exemplary since the last few years, wherein technologies from other spheres have joined hands with the automobile engineering and the result could be seen in the latest models that offer surprising combination of virtues, which were so far considered as opposed to each other. For example, today the vehicles we see rolling on the roads display their abilities both in performance and fuel efficiency.

Earlier performance and fuel efficiency were known to be inversely proportional, which means a vehicle that could raise a higher horsepower would consume higher fuel, and that was the reason why the mass buyers had to adjust with low performing cars. But today, the scenario has changed, thanks to the consistent perseverance of the leading auto manufacturers like Mazda who finally could find out a midway solution by developing a new variant of engine, which they call it as SkyActiv-X, explained a technical expert at the premise of the Riverside Mazda dealership. He explained the basics of the SkyActiv technology from Mazda that has changed the everyday drive experience of people who own any of their latest products.

Aim of SkyActiv Technology

He explained to us what Mazda itself says about its SkyActiv technology. The motif of SkyActiv technology was to bring out a solution where fuel efficiency will never come in the way of performance, rather this technology will help enhance both.

While formulating the SkyActiv technology, Mazda cared for every aspect of a vehicle that matters while driving. The said technology was to engineer a solution that can maximize the effects of the traditional driving dynamics while it would not consume an absorbent amount of fuel for delivering a high end performance.

It involved all the parts like from the body construction to the engine making technology, from the chassis to the transmission. In this we must know the fact that the SkyActiv technology from Mazda does not only consist of the SkyActiv-X, but also other components, like SkyActiv G and SkyActiv Drive that includes a gasoline engine that consumes lesser gas for a smoother acceleration and a 6-speed automatic transmission that can shift the gears smoothly with an advanced control module working in it, that ensures precision, immediate responsiveness as well as overall drive efficiency.

Coming to the SkyActiv-X, which is the latest addition to the Mazda family of technologies, is a new combustion engine with a revolutionary feature enabled in it. It is a gasoline engine that works on fuel-air mixture. The SkyActiv-X engine uses the fuel-air mixture, which is compressed to ignite the engine through pressure and heat. Basically, it makes use of the air, and so needs lesser amount of fuel to run the car. The SkyActiv vehicle dynamics also works with G-Vectoring Control that enhances a vehicle’s aerodynamics to an extremely minute level, explained the Mazda dealer near Riverside.