Latest Additions Observed in Chevy Safety Assist

Latest Additions Observed in Chevy Safety Assist

As we all know, the latest trend in the automotive world is formulating newer and innovative safety methods, which are mostly categorized as drive assist features. Leading auto manufacturers like Chevrolet, Mazda, Hyundai and Volkswagen are developing even more advanced features in terms of drive safety. Here we would discuss about the latest advancements observed in Chevrolet Safety Assist package, that we have learned from the Concord Chevrolet dealership.

What Does the Chevrolet Safety Assist Package Include?

Initially, Chevrolet had launched its Safety Assist features with a handful of technology features like forward collision warning with pedestrian detection(FCW), lane-keeping assistance (LKA), automatic emergency braking (AEB), lane departure warning (LDW), a following distance indicator and automatic high-beam headlights. But through the years Chevrolet has pinned in it several additional safety features while keeping these six features as the default setting of the Chevy Safety Assist package.

The Main Focus

Like every safety feature package that are launched by different auto manufacturers, the Chevy Safety Assist Package also has a main focal point, while treating the issues that the drivers face while sitting behind the steering wheel. Every that discomfort or mistake faced and committed by the drivers that can lead to a disastrous collision are taken into consideration and is addressed with the help of technology. Advanced tools like surround-view camera, sensors of different types and radars play a vital role in gathering information that is relevant for the immediate driving decisions, while a different set of technology tools take action based on the information received and processed. All this is to prevent the Chevrolet vehicle from entering into any troublesome situation that can lead to the loss of control on the vehicle or a collision, which will be inevitably fatal.

Utilizing Chevy’s Safety Assist makes the task of the driver of a Chevrolet vehicle lot easier and safer. Right from the functionalities of the forward-looking cameras to the proximity sensors, from the following distance indicator monitors fixed on the Chevrolet vehicles to the warning systems that prepare the driver for the next right actions to be taken, the Chevy Safety Assist package helps in diagnosing every upcoming drive trouble and helps the driver in overcoming it.

Interesting Features

The Chevrolet dealer near Concord added that apart from the above mentioned features included in the Chevy Safety Assist package, there are some really queer tech tools that make driving a Chevrolet car no only safer but also fun. For example, if you drive any of the 2022 Chevrolet model, you will find a small sensor placed on the windshield that works with Chevy’s IntelliBeam headlights. This sensor is responsible for detecting the headlights coming from the oncoming traffic or even the too bright taillights of a vehicle it is following and then starts adjusting the headlamps between the low-beam and the high-beam illuminations. If you drive any of the earlier Chevrolet models, you are sure to find a plethora of safety features that are categorized under the Driver’s Confidence Package 1 and 2.