Understand How Liability Works in a Ride share Accident

Understand How Liability Works in a Ride share Accident

Ride share accidents usually are complicated because ride share companies tend to separate themselves from liability. They claim that ride share drivers work as independent workers liable for every action. Therefore, if you have been involved in a ride share accident, there are several things you should do to determine liability. The best way to prove liability is to find help from a ride share accident lawyer. The professional will help determine if the ride share driver is at fault, the employer, or another participant. This article will explain what is involved in determining liability in a ride share accident and whose insurance company will cover the accident.

How to Determine Liability in a Ride share Accident

If the driver caused the accident, you must prove their liability. That means confirming if they were working by the time the accident happened. Liability will depend on what the driver was doing and if they were engaged with the app when the accident occurred. If the app was off or the driver was not logged on during the accident, the rideshare company is not liable for the accident. In that case, the driver will compensate you through their personal auto insurance company.

On the other hand, if the driver was logged on, the company will be liable for the accident. The company might cover the damages if the driver logged on to the app even if they had not received a rider request. The company will also cover the accident if the driver drives to pick up or drop off a passenger. If a third party caused the accident, you would be required to pursue compensation from their insurer.

Which Insurance Company Should You Contact After Ride share Accident?

Ride share companies and drivers must have insurance policies. Therefore, depending on the circumstances that lead to the accident, you may pursue the following insurance companies for compensation.

Driver’s Insurer

You will have to follow the insurance coverage of the ride share driver if they were logged out of the app during the accident. It means the company is not involved. Therefore, the driver’s insurance company will be responsible for covering your injuries and damages.

Ride share Company Insurer

As mentioned earlier, the ride share company is only liable for an accident if the driver was logged on to the app and was working. Therefore, if the company has been determined to be at fault, it will cover your medical bills, damages, and other losses. A ride share company is also responsible for providing uninsured motorist coverage to parties not adequately insured.

Third-Party Insurance Company

It is possible to get compensation from another party involved in the accident. You will get coverage if:

  • Another driver caused the accident
  • The maintenance company of the other vehicle
  • The vehicle’s manufacturer
  • A government agency for poor road hazards that caused the accident

To Wrap It Up

In short, a ride-sharing accident liability can fall under these three categories. Working with an experienced ride share accident lawyer is advisable to help you prove fault and pursue compensation from the responsible party. The professional will also deal with the insurance company since they are always reluctant to pay

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