Which Factors Affect the Longevity of Epoxy Coating?

Which Factors Affect the Longevity of Epoxy Coating?

Investing in epoxy floor coating for your garage can be the best choice. You want to save money, make cleaning easy, and transform your garage. Therefore, picking a great choice like epoxy will serve the purpose. Epoxy flooring coatings are highly-resistant, durable, and strong. Therefore, it can take many years before you need to replace it. Epoxy flooring can last for 30 years, even though this time is affected by different factors. This article will give six factors that affect how long a garage’s epoxy flooring lasts.

Strength of the Concrete

It goes without saying that the strength of the concrete underneath affects the longevity of epoxy. Remember, epoxy is a top layer added to the concrete surface as a finish. Therefore, if you want your epoxy flooring to last long, ensure your concrete foundation is strong. A robust concrete foundation should not have a strength of less than 3000 PSI.


How thick the epoxy layer is also affected by its duration. A thin layer of epoxy is prone to chipping and wear and tear. Therefore, ensure the longevity of your floor by installing a thick layer of epoxy. One reason you should never go for substandard installation services is that the contractor might be tempted to stretch the epoxy, which can ruin its appearance and strength.


The topcoat you apply also determines how long the floor can stay in good shape. Working with an experienced contractor ensures you can get the best advice for the coating. Your contractor may recommend applying a polyaspartic coating for more resistance and durability. Adding a thicker coating will make your floor more resistant to scratches and abrasion.

UV Exposure

Epoxy flooring is resistant t UV light. However, long-term exposure can cause damage. The element binding the coating turns into powder when exposed to the sun for a long time. Therefore, it might be best to install epoxy flooring in the interior.

Floor Preparation

When installing epoxy floor coating, preparing the floor is one of the most critical things. You need to take time and use the correct method to prepare the concrete for the best results. Some contractors do a simple cleanup and rush to install the epoxy. Unfortunately, the results are unpleasant and don’t last long. Experienced contractors use diamond grinding to prepare the surface before installation. The surface must be free of dust, liquid, and oil during installation. All damages like cracks should also be fixed. If you have prepared the surface well, it will guarantee long-lasting results.


The time it should take to replace the floor may reduce if there is a high level of traffic. Even epoxies that are well-installed wear and tear quickly in areas with high traffic. Therefore, if a place like a garage has high traffic, it can take a toll on the floor coating, reducing its lifespan.

When Should You Replace?

The above factors will determine how long you have before replacing an epoxy floor. You will know if the floor has reached its lifespan if you see small cracks on the surface or breakdowns on the coating. If you see these signs, ensure you call an epoxy floor coating professional to inspect and fix them.